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120 X 92 MM oval bases
  Pack of 3 oval bases for larger models.  Solid with a small rounded lip.  ..
30 mm hex bases
This pack contians 32 bases. The 30mm is measures from flat to flat. They are solid and made of h..
35 X 60 MM Oval bases
16 pack of oval miniature bases. Solid with a small lip around the edge.  Useful if you are ..
45 X 75 mm Oval bases
  8 pack of oval cavalry bases.  These are good for re-basing your cavalry for skirmish..
Bits for bases 1
  6 plastic sprues of items to add to your bases. Diamond plate circles are sized so the sma..
20 mm X 50 mm pill bases
This pack contains 20 bases. They are solid and made of hard plastic. Slightly textured and with ..
25 mm X 75 mm pill bases
This oack contians 16 bases. They are solid and made of hard plastic. Very slight texture and wit..
25 X 50 mm pill bases
Pack of 16 pill shaped bases. 50mm long and 25mm wide measured at the furthest point of the circl..
20 X 30 mm pill shaped bases
 Pack of 32 pill shaped bases measuring 20mm X 30mm.  A good size to base 15mm cavalry ..
40 mm Hex Bases
  16 pack of 40mm hex bases. These were created to a customers specification so the border i..
50mm Hex Bases
  Pack of 12 bases. Typical use is for larger mechs in games such as Battletech. Solid bases..
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